As soon as Angela and Jacky began their relationship, God told them clearly they were called to a joint ministry. They quickly saw that they complimented each other in ministry and began searching for a suitable name for their ministry together. In 1996, while preparing for the School of Intercession, Worship and Spiritual Warfare (SOIWSW) in Bispingen, Germany, Jacky designed a flyer with the motto: Make Way!. When Angela saw this, the name HIGHWAY-Ministries popped into her mind. Soon it was confirmed in prayer for both Jacky and Angela that this name, based on Isaiah 40:3-5, should be the name for their ministry. HIGHWAY-Ministries was born!

In 1998, Jacky and Angela attended a Leadership Development Course (LDC), followed by a 3 week “By my Spirit” training at the YWAM University of the Nations (UofN) in Scotland. Then from 1999 – 2005 they served at the Seamill Base in YWAM Scotland, where they led schools of Intercession (SOIWSW) combined with staff training and intercession outreaches. At this time, Jacky also served as part of the YWAM base leadership team. In 2001 Jacky and Angela also staffed a 6 month Leadership Encounter in England, which had a great impact on them.  The HIGHWAY-Ministries Team at this point consisted of 14 members, some of whom are leaders of their own ministries now.

In 2005, the Lord called Angela and Jacky back to North Germany, where they joined YWAM Eutin. After 20 years it became clear that their time of leading 3 - 6 month YWAM schools had come to an end (They had led more than 30 schools!). Their hearts’ desire was to have more time to network and serve the body of Christ on a broader level. While in Germany, apart from offering various seminars, they organized strategic prayer outreaches to Turkey and to Schleswig Holstein, Germany. Angela participated in intercession teams in Strasbourg, Luxemburg, Brussels, Paris, Warsaw, and Prague. Jacky joined a prayer outreach to Ireland. In addition, they coached individuals as well as church leadership teams and served as YWAM’s representatives at the “Round Table for Prayer” in Germany. They also took part in YWAM´s global prayer shield and enjoyed teaching in YWAM schools in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.
In 2011, the YWAM Eutin Team moved to Cologne. Angela and Jacky did not feel called to this city, so they prayed for God to connect them with the right place and people for the next season of their lives.
During a meeting with the “Round Table for Prayer,” the leaders of Kingdom Impact (KI), a prophetic and apostolic ministry in the South West of Germany, asked them to join their team.

In April 2013, Jacky and Angela moved to Constance and became part of the Kingdom Impact team while continuing with Highway Ministries. In addition, they served on the leadership with the House of Prayer. They conducted a leadership training course with 6 modules spread over 1 ½ years. Angela led 4 weekend seminars about the adventure of prayer, followed by a seminar on the Kingdom of God from Jacky.
In 2016, Kingdom Impact moved to the other side of the Lake of Constance and established a Christian Training Center and House of Prayer in Denkingen/Pfullendorf. In order to be closer to the new Kingdom Impact base, Jacky and Angela moved to a town nearby in the summer of 2017.

In 2015, Jacky and Angela established strategic intercession outreaches called “Destiny Tours.” These outreaches take place twice a year and their purpose is to bless all the nations that were overrun by Nazi Germany during WW 2. During these outreaches, Destiny Tour teams pray for the nations to come into the fullness of their God-given strengths and destiny, hence the name "Destiny Tour." Highway Ministry’s Destiny Tours began in Israel, followed by outreaches to Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, France and England. In 2019, outreach teams will visit Serbia, Greece and the Baltic Nations.

In the Autumn of 2017, the leaders of Kingdom Impact called Mike and Kay Chance from Arise Ministry, and Jacky and Angela into covenant relationship with them. This has proven to be a fruitful partnership. It is their privilege to come alongside Monika Flach and Esther Baumann, the leaders of Kingdom Impact, in their senior leadership and serve the overall vision of KI with their God given gifts and strengths. In partnership with KI, Jacky teaches in different settings at the training center and Angela conducts a 5 module training for prayer leaders, called “PRAY! PROPHETIC STRATEGIC INTERNATIONAL”.



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