Jacky was born in Zürich, Switzerland.
Together with his sister he grew up in a rather liberal protestant family.

At the age of 25 he found to living faith in Jesus Christ. His first steps in his Christian walk he had in a charismatic church.

In 1983, after working for 12 years as an electronic technician he enrolled in a Discipleship Training School, followed by a School for Missions and Leadership Training with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in Altensteig, Germany. He committed himself in the following 8 years in working in seminars, schools and in teaching, first as a staff member and later in a leadership position.

For a period of 2 years he was also part of the base leadership. During this time, he developed his dynamic teaching ministry and served in classes and seminars in YWAM as well as in different churches.

1992 he enrolled in an education to be a licensed trainer with DISC. As team leader and teacher, he attained national as well as international experience in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, England, Israel, Kenia, Namibia, Chile and the Philippines and latter in China.

When Angela came to Altensteig they met, fell in love and got married in 1994.

1995 they moved to a YWAM center in Bispingen in the northern part of Germany. 

Jacky invested in individuals and teams using personality-, leadership- and team development tools to help them step into their calling and to develop it further while interacting in many ways with others.
His current ID-personality and team skill seminars derive from the practical experiences that have developed throughout those years.

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